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The 3 main components


  • Preferred and Platform Independent Technology with improved features added within it, that reduces the cost and it has the facility of customized services which provides you an ease in work. Java drives innovation, and improve application services so a preferred programming language of choice in various enterprise architectures.

Service Technologies

  • Security: Spring Security OAuth
  • Messaging Service: JMS (Java Messaging Service), Active MQ
  • Directory Services: JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Service)

Component Technologies

  • Client Site Component: JAVA applets
  • Web Components: Servlets and JSP
  • Business Components:EJB (Enterprise JAVA beans)

Java Framework

  • Spring Framework: IOC, APO, Dependency Injection, Spring Security Oauth
  • Hibernate Framework: ORM, Hibernate - Mappings, Hibernate Annotations


It is a network enabled technology (NET) framework. This framework is leveraged with various aspects for better performance and growth trajectory of your business. This framework allows you to build intuitive business applications for better productivity.

Due to its various features, we prefer this framework:

  • Easy Integration with Web services and Applications
  • Fast development with Code Sharing
  • High level of Security
  • Ability to detect and retrieve memory efficiently.
  • Common Runtime Engine, Simplified Deployment
  • Accessibility of cross-stage relocation
  • Access to .NET Schema Library
  • Object oriented environment for languages, where the storage and execution of the code is carried out locally.


As a programing language, PHP allows the web developers to create dynamic web content which can interect with database. It is an open source, HTML centric, interpretive, server side scripting language, which works best for web development and web applicationdeveopment that can be embeded into HTML Pages .PHP offers advantages namely:

  • Platform Independent:can run on all major operating sysyems like Linus, Unix, mac os & windows.
  • Support major databases: supported on mySQL, DBase, DB2, ODBC, SQLite etc.
  • Faster Developments: the processing speed is fast and web applications like CRM, E-commerce, CMS, & Forums are developed faster.
  • Security: Multiple layers of security to prevent threats and malicious attacks.
  • Proven and Trusted: having large community of developers nad being used since two decades. It is highly reliable.